Course categories

Starting Your Business 
 Analyzing Your Competition (English | Español)Summary
 Business Planning (English | Español)Summary
 Creating a Competitive Advantage (English | Español)Summary
 Identifying Your Target Market (English | Español)Summary
 Legal Structure (English)Summary
 Maintaining an Agile Company (English | Español)Summary
 Market Analysis (English | Español)Summary
 Patent Copy Trade (English)Summary
 Strategic Plan (English | Español)Summary
Emergency Preparedness 
 Emergency Preparedness (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Fire (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Flood (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Pandemic Flu (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Technology Loss (English | Español)Summary
Government Contracting 
 Get Started in Government Contracting (English)Summary
 Technical Proposals (English)Summary
 Cost Proposals (English)Summary
Managing Your Finances 
 Assessing Financial Needs (English | Español)Summary
 Balance Sheet (English | Español)Summary
 Cash Budget (English | Español)Summary
 Cash Flow (English | Español)Summary
 Contracts (English)Summary
 Partners and Investors (English | Español)Summary
 Pricing (English | Español)Summary
 Profit and Loss (English | Español)Summary
 Profitability (English | Español)Summary
 Ratios (English | Español)Summary
 Valuing a Business (English | Español)Summary
Foundations of Marketing 
 Advertising Your Business (English | Español)Summary
 Building Your Brand (English | Español)Summary
 Building Your Website (English | Español)Summary
 Personalization (English | Español)Summary
 Promoting Your Business (English | Español)Summary
 Sales Strategy (English | Español)Summary