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On July 14, 2017 at 5:00 pm, the South-West Texas Border Training Portal will be undergoing maintenance to bring you a brand new portal with new courses.

During this time you will not be able to access the Training Portal.

The maintenance period will continue until Monday, July 24th at 8:00 am.

We thank you for your patience but we know you will enjoy the new offerings.
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The South-West Texas Border SBDC Network and all of its centers are pleased to present the following online courses. All of these courses are available at no cost to you. Please discuss these courses with your business adviser and decide which ones are most important for you.


La Red SBDC de la Región Fronteriza del Suroeste de Texas en conjunto con todos sus centros tienen el placer de presentar los siguientes cursos en línea. Todos estos cursos están disponibles sin costo alguno para usted. Los cursos marcados "Español" son cursos que tienen una versión en español. Por favor, hable con sus asesor de negocios y decida cuáles son más importantes para usted.

Course categories

Starting Your Business 
 Analyzing Your Competition (English | Español)Summary
 Business Planning (English | Español)Summary
 Creating a Competitive Advantage (English | Español)Summary
 Identifying Your Target Market (English | Español)Summary
 Legal Structure (English)Summary
 Maintaining an Agile Company (English | Español)Summary
 Market Analysis (English | Español)Summary
 Patent Copy Trade (English)Summary
 Strategic Plan (English | Español)Summary
Emergency Preparedness 
 Emergency Preparedness (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Fire (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Flood (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Pandemic Flu (English | Español)Summary
 Emergency Preparedness - Technology Loss (English | Español)Summary
Government Contracting 
 Get Started in Government Contracting (English)Summary
 Technical Proposals (English)Summary
 Cost Proposals (English)Summary
Managing Your Finances 
 Assessing Financial Needs (English | Español)Summary
 Balance Sheet (English | Español)Summary
 Cash Budget (English | Español)Summary
 Cash Flow (English | Español)Summary
 Contracts (English)Summary
 Partners and Investors (English | Español)Summary
 Pricing (English | Español)Summary
 Profit and Loss (English | Español)Summary
 Profitability (English | Español)Summary
 Ratios (English | Español)Summary
 Valuing a Business (English | Español)Summary
Foundations of Marketing 
 Advertising Your Business (English | Español)Summary
 Building Your Brand (English | Español)Summary
 Building Your Website (English | Español)Summary
 Personalization (English | Español)Summary
 Promoting Your Business (English | Español)Summary
 Sales Strategy (English | Español)Summary